themselves have applied. 

The big takeaways of the Experts Panel can be summarized as follows:

  • Children in low-resource contexts face significant risks to their development​.
  • Teachers can affect student outcomes for many years after children leave their classroom and even into adulthood​.
  • Teacher shortages around the world will reach 69m. by 2030​
  • CPD should be customized to local needs​. Extra care needs to be given to teachers’ economic well-being​ and their professional well-being​.
  • Schools need to Mental health support services for children and teachers​
  • Wellbeing is a subjective, psychological state​ which changes over time​ as well as from context to context​
  • So, we must ask children about their wellbeing​

Tip: Make sure that every child has​ formed at least one strong and​ supportive, professional relationship​ with a teacher​

  • 37% of teens struggle with mental health (CDC)​
  • A solution could be to create a wellbeing program following the process: Listen – Prove – Build. Include: workshops, podcasts, interviews, surveys.
  • ​Actively teach students about the “science of well being”​ (misconceptions, biases, behaviors, thoughts, feelings and goals.) ​
  • Invest in community, starting with small cohorts​ of students
  • Learning Recovery to Acceleration: There is direct links between psychosocial health, learning, and schooling​
  • Education systems must include activities to safeguard children’s and teachers’ psychosocial health and wellbeing​
  • Schools can play an important role in improving children and youth’s psychosocial health and wellbeing and prevent issues from escalating ​
  • More than ever, effective teachers are the single most important factor to ensure that students learn. Learning recovery is simply not possible without supporting teachers. ​

The big takeaways of the Teachers’ and Students’ Voice – Roundtable Discussion can be summarized as follows:

  • Life sends us” messages” (good and bad) and it is on us on how we interpret them and use them to create our life path.
  • A healthy mindset and well-being is a very important base to achieve what you dream of in life.
  • Let’s learn to speak openly about our emotions but most importantly listen to other peoples’ emotions and be supportive and empathetic.
  • Ask, do surveys, gather data, trust them, and do something about the topics addressed and engage everybody in the implementation. Make sure to involve parents. Find the real important issues that matter and prioritize accordingly.
  • School culture and people’s mindset in a school is the most important factor for its success.
  • Act according to what you preach and build meaningful relationships with your students.


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