themselves have applied. 

This years’ online event addresses the challenges faced by educators and learners in maintaining their mental wellbeing especially after the pandemic.

 The summit will bring together leading experts, researchers, educators, and practitioners from diverse fields to discuss the latest trends, research, and practices in teacher and student wellbeing. 

A range of topics will be covered including the impact of stress on students and teachers, strategies to promote well-being in the classroom, the role of technology in wellbeing, and ways to create a positive and inclusive learning environment.   

The summit will be divided into two sections.

 The first section, The Experts’ Panel, will feature keynote speeches from experts in the field. 

The second section, The Teachers’ and Students’ Voice will be a roundtable discussion where teachers and students will share personal experience aiming at sharing practical solutions and strategies for improving wellbeing that they themselves have applied.

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